If you have a residential property, then the next thing you should do after picking out the perfect insurance is managing the maintenance of the property. Create and list down ways on where are the areas that need usual upkeep and even upgrading. Remember that a house is a lifetime investment and like most things, its lifespan will depend on how you take care of it. If a leak is seen in the house, do not postpone its maintenance, call a plumber immediately to assess the damage and apply the necessary fix. As simple as it may souf, water is the worst enemy of a house- it will seep through woods and finishes causing warping of installations and decay because of growth mold. It is in these simple upkeeps that you keep your house maintained. Similarly, cars require at least twice a year checkup of its engine and overall performance. You may feel like there’s nothing wrong with the vehicle, but always have time to have it checked especially when planning to use it for long drives. The return of investment for your asset also depends on how you take care of them.